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Digital marketing team! Bali4market

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We meet marketing goals in the digital media field for startups, smaller companies, family businesses and even individual entrepreneurs. We will discuss your vision, offer solutions and start your business together. We are not an agency! We are a team. So your project gets into the hands of the right specialist. For example, to Janča. She has loved to write since she was a child, she has copied quite a few websites and your project will not just be a pile of plain texts finished 5 minutes after the deadline. Honza will take a look at SEO, Sára and Danča will do the perfect graphics and Ondra will set up PPC ads and dynamic remarketing. Not only visits but also orders will flow to your website. And the reports will burst at the seams!

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We will take full responsibility for your image and profits on the Internet. From the website to graphics and various campaigns.


We will take full responsibility for your image and profits on the Internet. From the website to graphics and various campaigns.


There is data behind all of it. We will base the strategy for your project on a comprehensive analysis, which we will transform into results.


We won't leave you in the dark. Do you have an urgent problem that simply cannot wait? We will provide you with 24/7 support.


We will dig deep and find all the secret methods and comparative advantages that we can use to achieve success. In search, in ads and on the social networks.

An enthusiastic team will handle more than 20 specialists

Online marketing as a game

Content strategies, graphics, campaigns and reports are work for some. But for us, they are fun game. Choose the right digital team! We will listen to your wishes, put our heads together and draw in a lot of new clients, guests and orders into the game.

Maximum commitment

An appetite for work means half the battle is over. That is why we guarantee you a creative project concept and 100% commitment.

Up-to-date knowledge

We follow blogs, podcasts, webinars and current trends from the dynamic world of digital marketing.

International outlook

We participate in Czech and foreign projects. We know what works where and what’s better not to try at all.

Thematic overlap

We write our own blog, where you can come across interesting facts about marketing, lifestyle and other fun things.

"If it doesn't sell, it's not creative!"

David Ogilvy

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