Marketing services

Which marketing services do you desire?

Tell us where your mind is leading you and let’s work it out together. At Bali4market we offer a complete marketing service. We will set up a functional website and design a marketing strategy. We provide unique graphics for your project, launch effective PPC campaigns and create optimized content. Or we’ll just teach you how to do it.

Digital Consultancy

We will analyze your services or products in-depth and offer you a free marketing consultation. And that’s worth it! Are you jumping in with us?

Brand Marketing

Do you want a simple and unique website or an online Bible? No problem, just let us know. We will analyze your website, resolve any issues and guarantee you that within 1 month you will already be signing deals for new orders or calculating traffic on your pages.

Performance Monitoring

We enjoy everything that’s graphic design. Yes, we handle logos, posters, advertising banners, animation and many more.

We enjoy everything that’s graphic design. Yes, we handle logos, posters, advertising banners, animation and many more.

Traffic Analytic

We will prepare PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook and other networks, so your company can grow rapidly while you receive more orders and customers.

Conversion Optimization

We’ll take care of the brand and the image of your brand on social media. We will create engaging content and bring new faces into your business. Let us handle your social media.

Social Tracking

We take the user experience seriously. We will subject your website to a rigorous test on real visitors. To make life as easy as possible for your customers! We are going to personalize your UX design down to the smallest detail.

Performance Monitoring Tool
We are going to analyze numbers coming from your website, PPC campaigns and social media

Get marketing data that are actually useful

Comprehensive data analysis forms the basis of every business. It doesn’t matter if you are promoting a pastry shop, presenting a kitchen studio or selling guided tours. Properly processed data are the beginning of an effective marketing campaign. That is why we use Collabim, Marketing Miner, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Planoly, Facebook Analytics and much other SEO and marketing tools.

Want to pinpoint the weak spots on your website? Wondering which keywords your campaign competitors are targeting? Need to know how you stand in search engines and which keywords need to be strengthened? Let us know. We will provide you with useful marketing data and increase the performance of your website, PPC campaigns and social media.

Social media offers much more than creating content and campaigns

Make the most of the social media

Make the most of the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok and more. Social media has become one of the pillars of online marketing. It boosts business, expands the brand and attracts attention. How can you handle the endless number of platforms and use them effectively for your business? Talk to us.

We will advise you on which platforms to use and which to skip so that you don’t waste your energy nor money. We will help grow your business and get the brand where it will really be seen. We rely on a thorough analysis of your competition, new content strategies and effective brand and performance campaigns. Social media offers much more than headless content creation and rotation of various ads. See for yourself.

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