Online marketingový tým Bali4market

Web design

We will create a responsive website, microsite or landing page according to the current trends. WordPress, Shoptet or an individual solution? As you wish.

Online marketingový tým Bali4market


We will prepare optimized texts that will dazzle the search engines and your clients. Both the existing and future ones.

Online marketingový tým Bali4market

Graphic design

We have fun making all kinds of visuals. Logos, advertising banners, posters or animations. Come have fun with us!

Online marketingový tým Bali4market


We can launch effective campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other social media networks.

We do online marketing,
which will help to strengthen your brand and increase sales.

The online marketing team at Bali4market consists of a group of professionals who will help you with the implementation of your business plans. From the website, through graphics, videos and engaging content, to advertising campaigns and mailing. We believe in a friendly form of cooperation with an eye for detail.

How can we help you? We offer our online marketing services with a clear vision, an effective strategy and concrete results. We will select the most suitable freelancer for you, who specializes in the area you need to strengthen. Hence you only pay for what you really need. We are not an agency, we will provide you with a professional at an affordable price. So that your numbers will grow, and orders will just pour in.

Online marketingový tým Bali4market
Online marketingový tým Bali4market

Launch your online marketing with Bali4market

We see the digital presentation as a whole unit. In order for a business to work, you have to fine-tune the details across its entire spectrum. That’s why we will create responsive websites, check their SEO, set up a sales strategy and arrange readable texts. Let’s take a look at PPC campaigns, consult your UX or conjure up fresh graphics. We’ll also take care of creating meaningful and entertaining content that will captivate fans and differentiate you from the competition. In addition, we will be happy to offer you a free pre-audit where we show you potential ways of growing revenue. All you have to do is choose the right online marketing team.


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Complete analysis

We will analyze in detail your actions on the Internet and advise you on what to focus on.

International reach

We work on projects from the Czech Republic, but also from other parts of the world, such as Germany, the US, Indonesia and Australia.

Precise goalsetting

We rely on precise goalsetting, which we meet on the basis of various statistics and reports.

Creating a strategy

We will prepare a content and sales strategy that will strengthen your brand and sales.

Friendly cooperation

We believe in a professional but friendly form of cooperation with an emphasis on fulfilling your wishes.

Professional consultations

We offer professional consultations in the field of online marketing.

Online marketingový tým Bali4market

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